Diaper Cupcakes!

Diaper cupcakes are my baby shower centerpieces.  They can be ordered in any amount for the amount of tables you have at your baby shower, The more you order the cheaper the price!
Diaper cupcakes are made with novelty items and actual baby accessories.  Just like the diaper cakes, however, the cupcakes are glued together with a hot glue gun which means the items are not usable.  These are made for show, however if you would like a small version as a small gift I can do a cupcake with usable items. 
These are for custom order, I can use any theme and color.

Diaper Cupcakes usually include a bottle (either pink or blue) in the middle to stick up like a candle, 5 diapers around the bottle.   Pretty pink or blue wire ribbon wrapped around with curly bows tucked inside a colored coffee filter and novelty pacifiers for decoration.  The cupcakes can also include small signs with  the names on it or "its a Boy "or "its a Girl"